The challenge to the wooden furniture of our medical care and nursing home care facility and facilities for elderly people began in 1993. At the time, the furniture of the medical institution was made mainly of steel. Although little wood products were contained, in 1999 he launched the Medical Business Division and entered the healthcare industry in earnest.
Since accumulating a lot of achievements, we have accumulated know-how. We will propose and design that we can respond to the expectations of the medical scene more than anything that is particularly severe in terms of safety.




Even now, the image of a general hospital is "a bed made of steel with a white tone, steel bed". Indeed, there is a feeling of cleanliness. However, somewhere there is no taste. If there is more warmth in the hospital in the hospital room ... Patients who are in the hospital think that they have various uneasiness in their treatment such as illness and injury. Our company, a wood-based resident maker, has been working on "hospital room as well as patient's residence" and wanting to deliver "living space" which feels warmth and peace of wood. It is what we need as patients need to understand because we are working together with medical and nursing care facilities. I would like to provide the patient with the most form of feeling, design, function, and so on, so that patients can feel comfortable and the anxieties embraced in hospitalized lives will soften even a little.




Speaking of the image of the room, white is based and steel bed. Patient in hospital with various uneasiness. I would like to feel a little comfort, but is not it somewhat tense atmosphere?


It became a space to feel the warmth of the tree, the atmosphere changed completely! Functions and colors can be custom made according to your request.



Utilize the know-how accumulated in the history that has been making housing equipment for 40 years as a housing maker. We strive to provide more functional furniture. For example, when you close it! I attached a "silent damper" to the door that was making noise. This eliminates unpleasant sounds and closes the door slowly, so the possibility of injuries by children and older people getting injured is also reduced. For example, a floor girder. There are many scenes where female nurses move the floor headstock in the medical field, so we attach casters of large diameter so that not only durability but also movement is easy to be taken into account.
Regarding the materials used, we will not only clear the performance required by customers, but we will only provide products that guarantee the functionality and safety performance by further strict internal standards. Also, as for the base material, we are thoroughly using F4 ☆.
(※) products, so we can use products that are friendly to the body.
(※) JIS / JAS highest level of safety standards for formaldehyde emission




Our company is a manufacturer that can make most of equipment’s related to housing such as joinery, storage and construction materials. It is very limited among resident makers that this can be done. For example, we can propose and offer interior decoration for facilities for the elderly from fittings, storage, construction materials to medical furniture in a unified color and design. Regarding the patient's room, we also make not only the floor head stool but also the partition storage and the bed headboard board together according to your request. It creates a comfortable space with a more unified sense with total coordination.



It is also possible to handle deliveries in a state where assembling and wiring of electric related equipment are completed before shipment.
By checking the state at the time of delivery at the time of shipment, we are paying products smoothly by preventing unforeseen circumstances at the time of delivery.



Hospital bed top cabinet · Partition furnitureunit:units

Asaka-dai Central General Hospital 314 Kokura Memorial Hospital 130 The University of Tokyo Hospital 1110
Iwate Prefectural Iwai Hospital 315 National Cancer Center Hospital 550 Tokyo National Hospital 450
Iwate Prefectural Miyako Hospital 390 National Center for Global Health and Medicine 247 Nagano Prefecture Suzaka Hospital 310
Ukaake Hospital 210 National Cardiovascular Center 415 West Tokyo Central Hospital 250
Cancer Institute Ariake Hospital 1292 Shiga Hospital 200 Hiroshima University Hospital 350
Kansai Medical University Kori Hospital 198 St.Mary Hospital 920 Fukuoka Red Cross Hospital 622
Kyoto University Hospital 650 General hospital welfare central hospital 300 Bell Land General Hospital 496
Kyowa Hospital 345 Takagi Hospital 506 Kitakami Saiseikai Hospital 306
Health insurance Isahaya General Hospital 361 Teikyo University Chiba general medical center 425 Michinoo Hospital 370
Public Nanokaichi Hospital 150 Tokai University Hospital 850 Yokohama City University Medaical Center 652
Fussa Hospital 269 Tokyo Medical University Hospital 96 Yokohamashintoshi Neurosurgical Hospital 198

※Delivered to 563 facilities in addition to the above (as of April 2012)
(in alphabetical order)


  • キャビネット
  • 間仕切り家具
  • チェスト
  • ワードローブ
  • デスク

※We can propose the production of custom-made.


Even if parts with high design ability are aligned partially, if their designs and colors are apart, It is not a space where patients feel comfortable. For "comfortable space", visual "unity" is important. For our company, it is possible to propose not only single items but total space as a whole.



Mr.B   Company H

We appreciate your prompt response to emergency requests etc.

What I remained in the impression is when Ishimok’s trading company was in business with another company in the same business. We appreciate very much for responding quickly to urgent demands etc. Ishimok impression that the employee is warm, including the president. As a company, I also like people who are in charge.

Mr.S   Company M

Impression that it is being made a firm thing.

I have had a study group held, but the content was very good. The impression that it is being made a solid manufacturing became even stronger. I am satisfied with correspondence of inquiries and deadline correspondence, and I am saved because there is no customer complaint.

Mr.T   Company H

Using technology and mechanism we cannot imitate other companies.

From the hospital nurse, the earlier product had peeling or breakage of the surface at an early stage and the frequency of breakage of the drawer was high, Ishimok’s product has been evaluated as satisfactory that it can be used without problems at all. We also appreciate the lightness of footwork that quickly responds to sudden requests such as 3D drawings and estimates. From now on I would like to be able to pull the industry together with technologies and mechanisms that cannot be imitated by other companies as weapons.


What is the difference between the medical furniture and general furniture?
Medical furniture compared to the general furniture, you have to aggregate functions in a limited space.
In addition, in order to prevent tipping and low center of gravity design, such as to have a rounded edge portion,
it is also considered to safety.
Your factory is located in Okawa city, Fukuoka Prefecture, can you deliver to Tokyo?
Of course, it is possible to deliver to Tokyo. There is no problem because we have been delivered from Hokkaido to Okinawa everyday.
In addition, since maintenance system is also in the whole country, there is no concern about after-sales.
There are 500 beds, but is it possible production corresponds? (From medical personnel)
We have a delivery records for 1000 or more beds of the hospital.
Production capacity is no problem at all.
Do you have a catalog?
We're sorry. Our catalog is not produced.
100% made-to-order, we do Manufacturing called to form your think together.
Is it possible to tour the factory?
We are sorry, but we do not accept visits by individuals.
For company tours, please contact us from the inquiry form.


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